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Fortify Your Stronghold

Protect your organization from the ever increasing number of threats to your data and business.

Threat Management

Securing computer systems should be a concern for organizations of all sizes. While the cloud has helped to relieve much of this responsibility from businesses, it hasn't eliminated it. The number of places we access sensitive data from has also increased. We access confidential corporate information and sensitive personal information from just about any device. Our devices such as workstations, tablets, and mobile phones still connect to networks. These networks connect us to our trusted cloud and on premises services as well as trusted and untrusted public services and networks. Each of these endpoints, networks, and services represents a potential expose to compromise and should be protected.

Endpoints, Infrastructure and Cloud

When it comes to protection of your data, protection starts at the endpoints we control and works outward. Endpoint protection has always been understood - placing antivirus on desktops is common. However, this protection is often forgotten as we've become more mobile especially with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). How well protected are our tablets or mobile phones in our day-to-day use let alone if lost or stolen? Is our data as it is accessed from anywhere via our endpoints secured in a manner that meets our organization standards while in transit or at rest? These questions and more drive the need to think more critically about the standards we have for endpoint security.

Often the security of our infrastructure and cloud services are assumed to be sufficient because they are managed by IT. However, just as there are different levels of quality in any service, the level of security your systems have may very - and yes, this applies to the cloud as well. Although many systems for on premises are designed to be secure out of the box, this does not mean they are optimized. Similarly cloud services are secured from an infrastructure perspective but the implementation of those still require additional care and feeding. For example, a virtual machine deployed on a cloud service doesn't secure itself simply by being in the cloud; the same issues remain that require the system to be locked down whether it is a web server or database server as if I were on premises. If a service such as a hosted application is used instead, it doesn’t mean there is no need for security either - administration privileges can easily be exploited via compromised devices. Enhancements such as two factor authentication or additional levels of encryption can enhance the security of a cloud application beyond the default. Default security, while an improvement is exactly what an attacker expects to see. Just as you strive to make your business better than ordinary, the priority you give security needs should be no different.

The Future of Cyber Security

The need for Cyber Security will only increase. While an obvious statement, one need only think about the future connected world to understand the gravity behind this statement. Internet of Things (IOT) initiatives will connect everything to these same networks we are trying to protect today. Threats to our security don’t end as nearly every day there is a new attack or compromise of data. As our homes, cars, refrigerators toasters, and toys become connected what does this mean for the security of our data and our privacy. By securing your infrastructure today, you will position yourself in a much better place than those who have ignore these trends and gone with the default. Understanding the importance and value of a high quality Cyber Security team will help your business be ready for the future and beyond.

How We Help

  • Assessment of your unique situation to help guide you in choosing what solution works best for your business
  • Provisioning and setup of any required services in the cloud or onsite to help you grow or get started
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement to the services you choose to keep things running smoothly
  • Flexible on demand or scheduled services for your onsite and cloud infrastructure and support needs
  • Strategic advisory services to help you plan for the future as your business expands and technology changes

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