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We are your trusted partner for helping your organization keep up with industry trends so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual CIO

We can act as a virtual CIO to help your company plan the way it uses technology and services strategically for the future. Technology leadership is not something to be ignored no matter what the size of your organization. Doing so has been the downfall of many companies that simply didn't innovate to keep up with the competition. We can help ensure you have the foundations needed to keep up with if not beat out the competition. Our team members have advised CIOs and CTOs at members of the Fortune 500 who are looking to take advantage of or optimize their use of the latest technology as well as small business owners looking to get a competitive edge. Whether you already have a CIO and would like to bounce ideas off of us or if you are a small business owner wanting to wear one less hat, our team can help.

Strategic Planning

You have a vision for what you would like your business to become and technology is often a key component in making that happen. We like to look at planning in from tactical and strategic viewpoints. While we can help with tactical planning for common such as the next version upgrade, an office move, or how to make the best use of current technology; it's the strategic planning we do with customers that gets us the most excited. We take a view from as high up as you need and then drill down into the details. Considering the megatrends, the leading solutions, what your competitors are doing, and what it would take for your business to make a transformation are all critical components to consider in this type of exercise. Work with our team to make your vision a reality.

How We Help

  • Assessment of your unique situation to help guide you in choosing what solution works best for your business
  • Provisioning and setup of any required services in the cloud or onsite to help you grow or get started
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement to the services you choose to keep things running smoothly
  • Flexible on demand or scheduled services for your onsite and cloud infrastructure and support needs
  • Strategic advisory services to help you plan for the future as your business expands and technology changes

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